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Online education with communication programs, such as Skype, which lets us see pictures, hear sounds, receive and send text-messages will be the most popular method of studying very soon predominating traditional ways of studying. Until recently the slow connection of the Internet was the difficulty for the development of the Online Education but today there is an Internet Connection almost in every house. Besides, the speed of the Internet Connection is getting faster and faster every year and even month so that the quality of Online Education is taking a turn for the better too. Many popular business and political representatives predict a 50% change of traditional education in favor of Online Education in the nearest 10 years. In the USA, Japan and other developed countries you can already find Online Education on every “virtual” corner. Do you have a wish of plunging into the world of Online Education? The easiest way is to sign up for a free test-lecture.

What is Skype?

Skype is a free program with the help of which everyone can get connected with any place in the world. Skype allows teachers and students communicate without difficulty using an interactive study material. The program is also very convenient for holding online conferences where several people can participate in a discussion. To start using Skype is very easy – first of all you need to download the program, set it up, sign in the Skype and to link your PC up with a headset and a microphone.

Training by Skype

Studying by Skype is almost the same as traditional methods of studying at school, university or any language centre. You can see and talk to your teacher. You do listening, grammar exercises, which you discuss with you teacher first, and work at your speaking skills. Besides, Skype is supplied with a lot of useful functions, such as pictures exchange – virtual school blackboard or the possibility of having an MP3 version of the lecture which you can refresh at any suitable for you time. Sign up for a free test-lesson where one of our teachers will give you the details on studying by Skype and will help you to assess your language level. Study sensibly! We can help you to save your money and time which you can spend for vacation.

What kind of educational supplies are used?

Most of our teachers use modern educational material as computer-based documents, they are free (and included in the cost of your course). You can receive the studying material from your teacher during the lesson by Skype or by e-mail before the lesson. You are not sure if this method of training is good for you. Sign up for a free test-lecture.

Is it possible to postpone the time of studies?

You can change your schedule up to 4 times a month as long as you give your teacher advance notice.

Can I change a teacher?

Yes, you can. But you can do it no more than 2 times a month. You just need to inform us of your wish by emailing to [email protected] and after that we will take appropriate measures. If there is no answer for your question, you can ask us any details right now and you’ll receive the reply within 24 hours.


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