Czech language is a West Slavic language with about 12 million native speakers; it is the majority language in the Czech Republic and spoken by Czechs worldwide. The language was known as Bohemian in English until the late 19th century. Czech is similar to and mutually intelligible with Slovak and, to a lesser extent, with Polish and Sorbian.

Czech Republice, Prague are a gem of Europe. This wonderful country with its culture and traditions similar to the Russian ones attracts a great number of not only tourists but also the people who come there to stay forever.

International Linguistic Centre offers you a brand new method of learning the Czech Language through E-Learning using modern communicational technologies (known as “E-Learning”), for example, using Skype. This method helps not only to get over the language barrier but also to prepare for entering a university or for passing the international exams. All you need is to take a language course at the International Linguistic Centre “ELVIEL” as individual or group studies in the form of online Skype conferences.

Courses are ideal for:
-          High-school students;
-          Students and graduates;
-          Those who plan to move to live in another country;
-          Employees who want to improve their knowledge or to receive the new one;
-          Moms on maternity leave.

Plan of the lesson:

You turn on the computer in due time, connect to the Internet and begin communicating to your Foreign Language Teacher.  You check your home tasks, study some new material, practice speech tokens in live communication, all is like during traditional lessons except that you can be at any convenient for you place (home, work, country cottage). There is no need to spend time for the trip! You do not have to go to the country of learning language to prepare for examinations or for improving your knowledge. And you can be taught by the best lectors – native speakers. More information about advantages and disadvantages of this method you can find in the other article.

At present you can sign up for:

-          Individual Training

Duration of the training course: is individual and depends on the goals of studying
Number of classes per week: is also individual but not less than 2 academic hours (45 minutes) per week
Timetable: classes take place at the most suitable for students time
You can take the course of any language level
Cost: an academic hour (45 minutes) of individual studies costs from 400 rubles (but it is an individual matter and depends on your goals of studying)
Sign up for the Individual Training
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-          Group Training

Duration of the course training: 5 months
Number of classes per week: 2 classes per week, 1 hour 15 min. each
Timetable: classes take place at the most suitable for students time
Group: consists of 2 or 3 students
You can take the course of any language level
Cost: an academic hour (1 hour 15 minutes) of group studies costs from 187 rubles

Our Goal is Your Knowledge!


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