Pick a Language

Interactive online language lessons with a private online tutor.

It's the ideal online solution for anyone needing to learn a foreign language for work, travel or family needs.

 Live conversation. The most effective and fun way to learn and understand a foreijgn language.

 Free evaluation sessions. Try before you buy with introductory classes available with many tutors.

 Tailor made lessons. Real- time online language lessons, customized to meet your individual needs.

 Flexible timetable. Pick the lesson times that suit your lifestyle from your tutor's online diary.

 One to one tution. Achieve your goals quickly with all the support, feedback & motivation you need.

 Real people and real conversation.

It's the key component of any language course and it's what learning to speak a foreign language is really all about.  

Flexible, effective & great fun.

You can decide how many language lessons you'd like & when. It's the most flexible online language course on the market.


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