Higher education in Czech Republic

More and more young people want to receive an education abroad and Czechia is one of the best countries for this.

Why Czech Republic?

-          Education at the state Institutions of Higher Education for foreigners is free on conditions of studying in Czech. If study in a foreign language (as a rule, it is English), the education is paid and its cost varies from 3 000 to 10 000 dollars depending on the status of the Higher Education Institution and the chosen profession;

-           Higher education received in Czechia satisfies the standards of the European Union countries and the diplomas are valid almost in all countries of the world;

-          Czech system of education provides more than 1000 professions of dozens of departments;

-          Students of Czech Higher Education Institutions are granted benefits and discounts;

-          Studying in Czechia grants a delay of military service in many countries.

The first step to receiving a European diploma in the Czech Republic is learning the language of the country, i.e. the Czech language. It gives you an opportunity to pass entrance exams and become a student of the state university in any city of the Czech Republic and to receive the education for free.  

There are several ways of studying Czech:

-          Studying Czech with a tutor;

-          Studying Czech by E-learning with a Native-Speaker;

-          Studying Czech in the home country, i.e. in Czechia taking a preparatory course.

Each of the above options has its advantages and disadvantages. You can find more information on the methods of learning foreign languages and their effectiveness in the other article.

International Linguistic Centre “ELVIEL” together with its partners in Kazakhstan and Czech REpublic will be glad to help you to:

-           choose the most suitable training program of the Czech language and to register for taking the course;

-          find the department for studying at Czech universities;

-          translate all necessary documents from/into Czech, Russian, Kazakh, English;

-          go through the formal procedures of holiday programs for schoolchildren;

as well as to:

-          execute all necessary documents for entering the preparatory course of the Czech language (contracts, visas, insurance, etc.);

-          assemble the batch of documents for entering the university;

-          help with nostrification of school certificates and diplomas;

-          supervise you during the studying in Czechia;

-          find the most suitable accommodation within the Czech Republic;

-          fit into the new lifestyle in the Czech Republic (shopping, hairstylists, realtors, translators, excursions, traveling, etc.).

Of course it’s possible for you to do all this yourself without our help but in practice it’s not that easy to deal with all the details of the above points for a person who comes to Czechia for the first time and does not speak Czech. That is why we decided to offer you our help. You will have step-by-step instructions on execution of this or that point so that you can do it yourself in the future. Our main goal is to help you to get used to the new lifestyle within the Czech Republic.


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