Summer Holiday in Czech Republic

The most exclusive way of spending summer holidays for young people is education together with active and interesting pastime.

As is generally known, Czechia is one of the most beautiful and attractive countries of the world and its mild climate is good for doing sightseeing and walks.


studying English and Czech

ARRIVAL: July – August 2012 (age: 13 – 17 years)

Training program:

-          English (Theory and Practice with a Native-Speaker)

-          English and Football (training and a match game with the Czech professional football team)

-          Czech and English (Theory and Practice with a Native-Speaker)

-          History of Czechia

On completing the course students are awarded the certificates on successful completion of the program.

Cultural Program:

-          Acquaintance Evening

-          Orientation program on Prague

-          Tour of Prague, Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge

-          Museums and exhibitions

-          Boat trip on the Vltava River

-          Trip to Germany (to Dresden)  

-          Visiting the Prague Zoo and aquarinarium

-          Swimming pool, beach

-          The largest aquapark in Czechia

-          Night trip about Prague

-          Sports activities

-          Trip to Karlovy Vary

-          Trip to Karlstejn Castle

-          Farewell Evening

Training Program “Czech + English”

The program includes basic studying of the Czech language, using English and introduction to the History of Czechia

Program “English”

This course is oriented to using the English language in real situations and introduction to the History of Czechia

Program “English +Football”

The course intended for studying English and active pastime in summer – football training at the best Czech football club “Prague Sparta” ( which is a constant participant of the Champions League and the Europa League.

This program gives your children a great chance of receiving an education in the centre of Europe with minimum costs.


-          The International Union of Students (Czechia, Prague)

-          International Linguistic Centre “ELVIEL”

-          The International Training Centre of Pre-college Education “JULIA’S SCHOOL”


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